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Leopard Tortoise

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Leopard Tortoise

Stigmochelys pardalis

Age : CB 2016

Current Size : 6 - 8cm

Adult Size : 40 - 50cm

Current Housing Needed : Bearded Dragon / Desert Starter Kit

Minimum Adult Housing Needed : Bearded Dragon / Desert Starter Kit


These are a large species of tortoise found throughout southern Africa.  They need a high basking temperature and a good quality UVB light source.  They inhabit arid scrub grassland and thrive on a diet of grasses, hays and weeds.  Shop bought salads and vegetables are too moist and have too high a protein content to be used as more than an occasional treat.  As with other tortoise species they are prone to calcium deficiency which causes shell deformities if they are fed a diet to rich in protein.

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Stigmochelys pardalis, geochelone pardalis, leopard tortoise