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Wild Caught / Captive Farmed / Captive Bred 

Wild caught (WC)  

Animals which have been taken directly from their natural habitat and shipped to the U.K. are generally termed wild caught.  When the hobby of reptile keeping began this was how the majority of animals came into the U.K.  These animals are often full of parasites, and can carry a host of other diseases.  These are often very cheap, allowing a shop to retail them for less than £20.00, offering them almost as throw away pets.  “It doesn’t matter if the animal dies as it only cost a couple of quid”.  For a beginner these animals may potentially cause problems and can be a false economy, when compared to the higher price of a captive bred animal.  We try to keep our stock of wild caught animals to a minimum, only stocking species which are currently unavailable as captive bred. 

Long Term Captive (LTC) 

Long term captive is an arbitrary term applied to a wild caught animal that has been in a shop or private collection for a period of time.  Unfortunately there is no rule determining how long this period is, or a legal need to display it.  LTC could mean a week, or a year.  Because of this we prefer not to use LTC but rather put WC with a year or date that the animal came into captivity.

Captive Farmed (CF) 

Animals that have been bred in their country of origin are generally called captive farmed.  The quality of these animals can vary greatly depending on the farm itself.  Some farms are little more than fenced off tracts of land filled with females of the appropriate species.  A lot of CF animals from Africa, in particular savannah monitors, and royal pythons arrive in conditions no better than if they were WC.  However a number of new farms are opening up particularly in Indonesia, and South America, which operate under the same conditions and principles of the large scale US, and European breeding centres.  The animals coming from these farms (which are often CITES registered) are of a similar quality to captive bred.  

Captive Bred (CB) 

Captive bred animals are bred in captive conditions in the U.S. or Europe.  These animals are far hardier than wild caught stock, and should be the first choice for anyone looking to buy a pet reptile.  Over 99% of our stock is from captive bred sources.  We bred a number of different species in store, which is supplemented by animals bred in the private collections of our staff and customers.  We also buy in animals bred by large scale breeders on continental Europe, and in the U.S.

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