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Snake Feeding Guide

All the commonly sold snakes at Tyrannosaurus Pets eat a variety of dead mice and rats.

These are available frozen and must be defrosted before feeding to your snake. The food must be defrosted steadily to room temperature. Do not microwave the food, or put it into either hot or cold water. It is easiest to simply wrap the food in some newspaper or kitchen towel and leave out to thaw. Pinkies will defrost in around 45 minutes. Larger prey items take longer. Ensure that all food has thoroughly defrosted before use.

Always an appropriate size pair of feeding tongs to feed your snake, this will stop the snake from accidentally biting you instead of the food.

Hold the mouse in the tongs and wave it in front of the snake. This should entice the snake to strike for the food. If the snake has shown no interest in the food after 30 seconds, place the mouse on top of a hide and leave it in the tank over night. If the snake does not eat in the dark, throw the food away and try again after a week.

Missing one or two weeks is not a problem for a snake, even as a baby, but any longer period may indicate that the animal is either unwell, or not happy with the tank set up. It is a good idea to fill in a feeding record so you can see how well the snake is eating.

Most baby snakes start out eating one pinkie per week. As your snake grows it needs to be fed larger meals. If after its finished eating it spends twenty minutes roaming the tank and is active after twelve or twenty four hours, then it is ready to move on to the next stage. Each stage of food size lasts for around eight weeks. A much better guide is the snake’s behaviour as detailed above. The stages are listed below.


  • Stage 1 – 1 pinkie 

  • Stage 2 – 2 pinkies 

  • Stage 3 – 3 pinkies 

  • Stage 4 – 1 fuzzy 

  • Stage 5 – 2 fuzzies 

  • Stage 6 – 3 fuzzies 

  • Stage 7 – 1 small mouse 

  • Stage 8 – 2 small mice 

  • Stage 9 – 1 adult mouse


The above guide is for small snakes such as corn snakes. If you are feeding a kingsnake you may need to go to four food items before moving to the next size due to their smaller head. If you have a larger snake such as a boa or python the principal remains the same but the food at each stage is larger.

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